R HOBBS Inspire Luxe 24386 4-Slice Toaster – White & Brass



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Top features: – Enhance your kitchen with this stylish toaster – Variable browning and multiple settings offer you and your family flexibility when toasting – Cooking and clean-up are a breeze thanks to the removable crumb tray and extra lift features Enhance your kitchenA stylish toaster can complement a kitchen beautifully. The Russell Hobbs Inspire Luxe 24386 4-Slice Toaster has a premium texture design with sleek, elegant ripples that are enhanced by its chrome accents to be the first thing that catches the eye when walking in to the kitchen.In addition, the Inspire Luxe 4-Slice Toaster also includes an illuminated blue light on the controls to give a modern edge to this sleek appliance.Variable browningWith the variable browning control feature, everyone gets their toast just how they like it.To offer even more flexibility for the family, Russel Hobbs has included frozen, cancel, and reheat settings, so that you can toast bread from frozen without having to wait for it to defrost or reheat toast that may have gone cold, all to help save you time and reduce waste.Cooking and clean-up are a breezeThe extra lift and removable crumb tray features make cooking and clean up convenient, so that you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time doing the boring stuff.Getting toast stuck is the worst, as it ruins the toast and makes a big mess while you struggle to get it out. Luckily Inspire Luxe 4-Slice Toaster comes with an extra lift feature, so that you never get the toast stuck or burn your hand trying to grab it. Once you’re done, just pop out the removable crumb tray for a swift clean-up. That was easy!

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